Dev Day 45: How to Build and Test a Unity Game

Objective: Build a Windows deployable version of the game for testing.

Step 1: In Unity, go to the File menu and select Build Settings…. In The Build Settings window, select the scenes you would like to add to your build in the Scenes In Build section, then select the Platform option, in this case, it will be the PC, Mac, & Linux Standalone option. For this example, the Target Platform will be Windows and the Architecture will be x86.

Step 2: Click the Player Settings… button which will open the Project Settings window. With Player selected in the left column, the Company Name, Product Name, and the Version of the build can be edited, as well as the ability to add Icons and a Splash Screen for the game. In the Resolution and Presentation section, set the Fullscreen Mode to Windowed since there is currently no functionality set up to exit Fullscreen mode.

Step 3: Close the Project Settings window and click the Build button on the Build Settings window. Windows Explorer will open to the game’s directory. Create a new folder called Windows Build (or whatever is relevant), select the folder, and Unity will compile the game and create several files and folders, most especially, the .exe file which is the file to double click to play/test the game in Windows.

Unity Developer