Objective: Add movement animations to the Player when pressing either the left or right arrows.

Step 1: In Unity, with the Player GameObject selected in the Hierarchy window, create an animation file for the left turn and another animation file for the right turn using the chopped-up Sprite animation images…

Objective: Create a balanced spawn system for the power-ups using a weighted table where more common power-ups, like ammo and health, spawn more frequently, and rare power-ups, like the Laser Beam, spawn more infrequently.

Step 1: In the SpawnManager script, create a private int array called _table and set a…

Objective: Create two custom classes and have one custom class inherit the properties of the other custom class.

Step 1: In Unity, within the Hierarchy window, create an Empty GameObject named Item_Database. In the Project window, create three C# Scripts called Item, Weapon, and ItemDatabase. …

Objective: Create a custom Class for defining information about 3 customers to use within a customer database.

Step 1: In Unity, create an Empty GameObject in the Hierarchy window called Customer_Database. Then create a C# Script called CustomerDatabase and drag it onto the Customer_Database GameObject. …

Objective: Create 5 positions that a GameObject will be randomly set to at the start of the game.

Step 1: Within Unity, create a Cube 3D GameObject in the Hierarchy window and rename it to Player. …

Objective: When pressing the space bar, damage the Player by a random amount and, using a Return Method, check if the Player has died. If the Player has died, print out “The Player has died!”, …

Objective: Change the color of a cube to red when the Space key is pressed by passing parameters from one method to another method.

Step 1: In Unity, create a 3D Cube in the Hierarchy window.

Objective: Fix a bug that causes the Enemy to detect and evade laser shots after a collision that triggers the explosion animation.

Step 1: In the Enemy script, within the DodgeLeft() coroutine, add to the while loop condition that both _collider1 and _collider2 must be enabled for the evade movement to take place.

Objective: When the Enemy detects a laser, depending on which Raycast picks up the detection, the Enemy will move to the left or right to evade the laser.

Step 1: Create an IEnumerator method called DodgeLeft(). Within this method create a Vector2 variable called _currentPos and have it equal to…

Objective: Enemies that move straight down the Y-axis can detect laser shots made by the player.

Step 1: In Unity, select the Laser Prefab in the Project window and create a new Layer in the Inspector window called Laser.

Pete Thomasberger

Unity Developer

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